Kafue National Park

The acentric Kafue national park is Zambia’s largest and oldest national park Spanning an area of 22400km. The park attained its national park status (formation) in the 1950s. A huge fraction of the national park still remains uncharted thereby giving more access to the continuous development of the rich wildlife, plant and bird species. Kafue national park also derives its attraction and uniqueness from its size and the wild game that is holds.

All over the national park, the consistent Kafue River flows trailing a well-articulated course and its deviates and widens is areas where rocks seem harder and renders the flowing process impossible to go through them. the park has a wide array of activities that travelers can  embark on, some of which include  game drivesbirding, canoeing, nature walks and fishing. Tanzania


Popular activities at kafue national park


Game Drive

Kafue national park just like any other African national park  brings forth a major highlight of any African safari ( game drive)  , the game drives.

Kafue birds


Birding at kafue national park .Kafue national park  had over time transformed into  a bird watchers paradise.  It Is the top of Zambias birding destination for most of the birding enthusiast



Canoeing  is yet another amazing activity at Kafue national park. It’s the quest  way of exploring the parks water, sharing environment with crocodiles and hippos.  During the canoeing,

Kafue  national park is apparently the largest  national park in the country of Zambia.  Kafue national park also double as the second  largest national park in Africa a continent with size amounting to 22,400sqm. Kafue national park derives its name from Kafue river that flows  covering three provinces of the north western, central and  southern.

Accessing the kafue national park from lusaka, Zambia’s capital city takes approximately 13hours by Road and 16 hours from Livingstone Zambia’s busy cit by road. Kafue national park can also be accessed by air  on chartered flights from lusaka and Livinstone.

History  of Kafue national park dates way back to the year 1924  when the British pushed away the local inhabitants the Nkoya people  who used to the park as their traditional hunting grounds.


Kafue national park  like any other national park in Zambia  is well endowed with  wildlife species with very common sightings of antelope to mention lechwe, pukus small herds of the common zebras, another great sightings are those of the blue wildebeests that  show around the busanga plains in the month of June annually.During the dry season, when temperatures begin  going up, the northern part of kafue national park usually experiences influx  of  kudus, bushbucks, elands, reedbucks, duikers, greyboks and defassa water bucks. The   lions are also another sought  after inhabitants in kafue national park usaully found close to the herds of he  pukus and lechwes which serve as their  meals. There several prides much as  larger males are not common in the national park. The rivers at the  Kafue national park also serve as homes to large schools of hippopotamus  , crocodiles  among others. Kafue rivers also acts as  host for   several herds of elephants, leopards are also common in the forest areas which serve as their hiding points.cheetahs are also seen in  Kafue national park but seen in the northern  part of the park,  cape wild dogs and hyenas are also common in the park and frequently seen in the park.

Bird life

Kafue national park like any other  national park has  well distribution of the  bird life ranging from forest  birds,  water birds, savanna birds and migratory birds among others.  some of the most common birds species include ducks, guinea fowls, Pheasants, Grouse, Allies, flamingos, pigeons, doves,sand grouse,  bastards,  cuckoos, turacos among others.

with all the abov, Zambia besides east africa ( Uganda safaris ,Kenya safari, Tanzania safari, Rwanda safari) makes  good travel destination.