Birding  at kafue national park.

Birding at kafue national park .Kafue national park  had over time transformed into  a bird watchers paradise.  It Is the top of Zambias birding destination for most of the birding enthusiast. Every fresh day you are being  surprised  by wide array of birds that flock theparks.  Some of the notable bird species are likely to swing by your site include the Shallows Turaco usually sighted on the sycamore figs,  a few green pigeons often seen flying in numbers, Malachite kingfisher, African darter, wattle crane , elusive Chaplin’sbarbet, endemic black-cheeked lovebird, Brown-headed apalis among many others.

Kafue national parks bird species have been recorded amounting to up to 480 species.  And all sighted I various places to include forests, rivers, wetlands, woodlands, flood plains.           

Best Time for Bird Watching.

Kafue national park is aby no means a bird watchers destination,  through the entire year many visitors flock the park to have a portion of the birding safari. However  the  finest time to  birding is during the  wet, summer months.  These months run from November to April  this is due to the fact that migrants are available. And that  particular time  a huge fraction of bird species  are breeding . and for the rest of wildlife viewing is subsequent  from July to October

Alist of birds to look out for in Kafue national park.

  • African finfoo       Black-cheeked lovebird (NE)     Böhm’s bee-eater
  • Brown-headed apalis
  • Chaplin’s barbet (E)
  • Chestnut-backed sparrow-weaver
  • Collared palm-thrush
  • Denham’s bustard
  • Grey crowned crane
  • Grey tit-flycatcher
  • Miombo pied barbet
  • Miombo rock thrush
  • Narina trogon
  • Olive woodpecker
  • Pale-billed hornbill
  • Pel’s fishing-owl
  • Purple-crested turaco
  • Racket-tailed roller
  • Ross’s turaco
  • Southern white-faced owl
  • Souza’s shrike
  • Spotted creeper
  • Wattled crane
  • Yellow-throated leaf-lov

with the above mentioned  bird species, kafue national parks offers a perfect select  birding safari destination