Renting a car is the best way to travel on budget when exploring Uganda. You can get around Uganda  either on self-drive or with a driver as long as someone is careful on choosing a package that fits the budget. The price of the rental cars is always based on the influx of tourists as may came in for business, vacation, leisure and safari tours. Travelers who book during the high season months may not be able to get a fair budget due to high demand yet it’s basically the best time of traveling.

At Car Rental Services Uganda we help you save money on renting a car during your road trip holiday by giving you the best tour packages at the most affordable prices.

Car Rental in Uganda, Self-drive Road Trip & Camping | 4x4 UgandaTips For Renting Cars

1.Choose a suitable car

To rent a car in Uganda, one needs to decide first the type and size of the car depending on your tour destination and the number of people traveling. For one person or a couple may choose a small car and a group or family should go in for a large sized car depending on your budget. Therefor choose a suitable car depending on the budget, tour destination and the number of people planning a trip.

2.Compare Prices

The easiest way to get a better price when renting a car is by going online and use the search engine to compare. Uganda has a number of car rental companies and the best way to find out the one that fits your trip and budget is by choosing the top 20 compare them and then check out one of your desires with the best price, special offers and discounts. Therefor keep it in mind to compare different car rental agencies before confirming a booking.

3.Early Booking

Booking months or at least weeks before your travel date is more favoring than booking at last hours. Early booking avoids inconveniences like missing out your desired rental car because it’s already reserved for someone else, it avoids being limited to a variety of cars by giving you option to the desired ones. So, booking early will help you not to panic at the late hours and will give you a peace of mind for your trip.

4.Long-Time Car Rental

Long time car rental is another tip to help you save money on renting a car in Uganda. If you’re planning to stay in Uganda for more than week, we recommend you to go in for a long-time car rental deal. The truth is that in all Ugandan car rental companies, you will pay less when you book the car for seven and above days than for a few days. The good with long-term car rental is that the more the number of days, the lower the prices.

5.Avoid Airport Pickup

Avoiding airport pickup from Entebbe airport will also help to lower the prices for renting a car in Uganda. Most of the companies add an extra fee charge for fuel and transferring the rental car to the airport whereas some few like car rental services Uganda offers free delivery of cars to and from the airport. You can decide to use a UBER for airport pick up which is always ready and available at all time to reach the agency office for your rental car.


These tips will be sure helpful for renting a car in Uganda and guide you plan your holiday interestingly and save money as well on any rental car. Contact us today by sending an email to info@carentalservicesuganda.com or call us now on +256-774635389 to speak to our reservation team now.