Fishing at kafue national park

Fishing at kafue national park :   Kafue national  park  just like any other charming wildlife safari destinations  offers unique activities such as fishing.   Fishing as an activity develops from the river Kafue  where the park derives its name.

Fishing  at kafue national park

Fishing is conducted in the Kafue river in selected spots.   Some of the notable fish species one can be on the lookout for while on the fishing safari at Kafue national park are Kafue Killifish, bream, barbel and fresh water pike.Cyprinid. For  any visitor  interested in conducting  fishing as a safari activity   will have to  book with the lodge  they will be living in. some lodge such as leopard lodge  but you  can also make arrangements with the tour operators that you will be traveling with  to  get the equipment’s such as fishing rods and boats handy so as you can have a amazing  fishing experience at Kafue national park.

For any fishing experience  one needs to  make prior books in order to obtain  he fishing license  as well as the equipment.