Canoeing  is yet another amazing activity at Kafue national park. It’s the quest  way of exploring the parks water, sharing environment with crocodiles and hippos.  During the canoeing, you will also  be to slither through the elephants and buffaloes at the shoreline of he the river undetected.


Kafue river  acts as a water point for multiple wildlife to cools off from the along days movements in the park, they  head to the river to drink water and take a bath. Some of the notable wildlife commonly sighted at the banks are elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles, hippos and many more. The canoe ride los offers opportunities for birders to watch certain species of the birds ie the wetland species and the river species usually busk in the in open to capture the sun and as well enjoy drink at river.

Some of the highlights of canoeing at kafue national park include

Watching wildlife silently getting to   the river to drink water.

Viewing crocodiles and hippos in the water.

Bird watching at the banks of the river

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