Muyukuyuku luxury bush camp.

 Muyukuyuku luxury bush camp.

 Muyukuyuku luxury bush camp is nestled within the banks of Kafue river  , a picture perfect  area having the best view of the park.

Muyukuyuku luxury camp is located approximately 250km for the main business district ( Lusaka) the capital city. The drives to the camp can go up to 4 hours from Lusaka. The location gives ample opportunity for the guests needs both local and international    to be mate.

Muyukuyuku is also   a perfect place to have a brief stop from a long journey especially if one is traveling westwards to the areas of  Liuwa national park, Bartos Plains, its camp is 8 km off the main road that dissects the park.

The camp is stated on the  southern side of the  northern sector of the park. It relatively located in the north and south of Kafue national park  so places such as BUsanga and Nanzhila.

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